For most Filipinos, mall hopping has become a favorite pastime. I have visited SM City Fairview a thousand times, being the nearest mall in the area, but the news about an Ayala mall opening in our area excited me. Ever since my elementary days, SM City Fairview has been the go-to shopping mall for people from North Caloocan; it’s where we celebrate special occasions, where we buy important items and get to see the latest movies to bond with friends. I can say that this mall has been a part of my childhood and the story of my youth is not complete without mentioning SM Fairview.

But, like any other product or services, businesses should think of a way to elevate its services to accommodate changing customer needs. In my view, I consider Ayala Fairview Terraces as a fashionable and customer-centric shopping center. Here are a few things I noticed inside the newest Ayala mall:

  1. Fairview Terraces enhances the mall hoppers experience by creating mini parks which are appealing to the eye. Ayala Group was successful in providing the relaxing vibe especially outside the shopping mall buildings. Trees have been preserved and waiting areas were also created to allow customers to not only buy things that they need in the mall but also be able to relax and enjoy the ambiance.
  2. Previously, Fairview Terraces shopping complex houses a large number of mango trees before it was built into a lifestyle mall. I think it’s a very smart move for the mall developer to leave a mark of history in the mall by leaving a few mango trees, it would remind people how a small parcel of land evolved into the up-and coming shopping center in the Metro.
  3. The mall gives the North people a taste of what restaurants located in the South has to offer. As a former employee of Makati and Taguig cities, I observed that the chic restaurants found in the cities mentioned are not available in the north area. With Fairview Terraces, they allowed the Caloocan people to experience the popular dishes from the trendy restaurants located in the far side of the Metro. From Banapple cakes to the stylish Marciano’s pasta, the mall shortened the distance between good food and people from the north.
  4. The mall staff and security officers are very accommodating and are knowledgeable with the area. Getting lost, especially in a newly-built mall, will never a problem for people since the mall staffs and the concierge knew by heart the location of each establishment.
  5. Restrooms are easy to find and are equipped with the latest technology and facility. There are no queues in any Fairview Terraces restroom due to numerous cubicles available in each level. The restrooms are also very clean and toiletries such as tissues, hand sanitizers and hand soap are readily available, a sign that the building is well maintained.

Overall I am very glad that Ayala Group has reached out to the North area and I think I save myself the hassle of travelling more than two hours to experience mall hopping in a lifestyle mall. SM City Fairview maybe a part of my history, but Fairview Terraces definitely captured what a mall hopper should expect – a new, distinct experience!

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