This brand has become well-known name for cosmetics specifically make ups. It is no surprise if in every woman’s bag you will see an MAC cosmetic product either lipstick, eye shadow and of course, their face powders. MAC is known for their face powders and liquid foundations. There are a number of considerations I take before buying any product, especially if it is for my face.

I have 5 considerations before buying anything.

1) Coverage 2) Consistency 3) Longevity 4) Packaging 5) Price

I have tried several well-known brands and only MAC STUDIO FIX scores all five for me for the past four years. Let me give you a run –down:

Coverage – MAC has a number of shades from darkest to the lightest shade hence, it will you definitely find the best shade that compliments your skin tone. I found the perfect shade when I visited one of MAC stores. Their make-up associate tried three different shades’ sweep under my chin, since then I have been using NC25. It covers my blemishes and gives a natural flawless look. For day time I only use the powder alone while at night for partying or dinner, I add a liquid foundation.

Consistency – This product cannot be used as “wet” unlike other brands, which are “dual” wherein it can be used dry or wet (using a damped sponge). On the other hand, MAC Studio Fix powder is only for dry face. It blends and sits on my face smoothly. There is no cake results or feel. Even if your face gets oily after a few hours it does not look as if it was smothered with flour.

Longevity – I can attest it lasts for hours. Occasional retouch if skin gets oily but doesn’t requires much. Aside from a lasting coverage, each compact can get you through for the next quarter or more. My compact lasts about four months base on a daily usage.

Packaging – It has a black sleek case, small enough to fit in a clutch. It has separate compartments for powder and sponge, which is very hygienic.

Price – It is pricey compared to be other make-up brands. It retails Php 1,650 in MAC store counters.

There are a few online shops, which sell it for less than Php 1,000 whoever claims this Singapore authentic.

Beware! Do not buy, these products are counterfeit. MAC will always be MAC,there is no such thing as Singapore authentic. It is recommended to buy it directly from their physical stores. Buying counterfeits can probably save you few hundred but if your skin does not work well with it seeing a Dermatologist for the allergies caused it would cost more.

So if you need a flawless coverage that would give you a MACimize result, I highly recommend MAC Studio Fix.

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