Hello beauties! I’ve always wanted to make a review with one of my favorite day time eye shadow base – MAC Soft Ochre Pain Pot. I actually bought it last year and believe me I still have it in my make-up purse!

So okay let’s start with the packaging which I believe is pretty. I get 5 grams of the product packed in a hefty glass pot. The name of the color can be found at the bottom and the MAC brand is printed on that small body of the pot. It might seem that the product fills just half of the package but I don’t really mind that.

I’ve been using MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot as my eye shadow base and as a primer. What I love about this eye color is that it’s really pigmented and creamy that I can easily apply it on my eye lid using my finger. You can use eye shadow applicator or brush but I really prefer using my finger as I can spread it perfectly and evenly. It dries up pretty intensely which makes my eye shadow stays longer.

MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot is pretty good when you’re blending eye shadow colors especially for smoky eye because it sets to a powder which makes color blending so easy. It has a matte finish so I would surely recommend it for those who have oily skin or oily eye lids like me of course. Yes it prevents creasing but it is not that super long lasting like 9 to 10 hours and I think that’s alright. I wouldn’t want a really stay on eye color because that would be difficult to take off afterwards anyway.

There are some varieties of the color for the paint pot but I like Soft Ochre personally. I wear a smoky eye make-up like every day and this color is perfect for blending and keeping the eye shadow from creasing. And even if I feel like just wearing eyeliner, I would always use this as a base for whatever eye shadow I apply.

Yes, I bought MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot and it’s still in my make-up purse which means I haven’t finished the pot yet. You can get it at any MAC store near your place. They have stores at Trinoma, Eastwood, Shang ri la, Glorietta, Mall of Asia. I got it for around PhP 1,150.00. It might be a little expensive but see how many ways you can use it and how long you can use it because you really don’t need much to cover up your eyelids. Works for me!

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