I’m sure most girls at my age (20’s) have had at least once in their 20’s life an obsession to make up! I can pretty much talk about make up like forever but I will focus on this specific liquid foundation that I’ve been holding close to my heart – Studio Fluid SPF15 Liquid Foundation by MAC.

I have an oily skin and it is quite difficult for me to find a right foundation that I can use that won’t make me look like a wet cake or something close to that. The good thing about MAC Studio Fix Fluid is that it has a natural matte finish. I don’t really like the “just matte” finish because I would still want my foundation to look natural on me plus my skin would look healthier.

First is I like the packaging! I think it’s classy and the bottle looks pretty strong that if ever you accidentally drop it, it won’t break that easily. Usually when you buy the foundation, it doesn’t come with the pump but that’s okay, you can always get a pump at the MAC store or use any pump that would fit.

Now let’s talk about the foundation’s consistency. It is not too liquid or thick which makes it blend with your skin perfectly (You have to get your right color match. I’m NC35). I just love how it goes on really silky on my skin. That means I can really apply the foundation very easily and evenly. You can use pretty much any foundation applicator from sponge to brushes or even your hand but I personally use Sephora Foundation Brush #110.

The coverage is medium to full depending on how you want it. Another good thing about this foundation is that it is really “buildable.” I basically use just one pump and I can use that for my entire face. Sometimes I get a little bit of extra and what I do is I use it as a concealer and cover some dark or red spots which make it really great for me to have. It is long wearing and you don’t need to use powder every time!

I know you think about how much it would cost. Well, yeah MAC Studio Fix foundation is pricey as the rest of the MAC cosmetics but I would say it’s really worth it! I could only use less than a pump and I can just blend it all over. A bottle costs PhP 1,700.00 but it lasts me for 3-4 months! Come on, do the math. Is it not worth to have? I know it is and I’m in love with it!

Image courtesy: anaqueenfashion

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