It has always been people’s habit to bring crackers in their bags whenever they are going out, especially on long trips, or any travel that could take them a couple hours on the road. That cracker, I believe, is Pinoys’ favorite, M.Y. San Sky Flakes.

Personally, I always make sure I have M.Y. San Sky Flakes in my bag, because it is very handy, and it really fills my tummy for a while. It is most helpful when you are stuck in traffic or you ran out of food, or you want something that would match with your soda or any drink. Also, it is easy to carry around, you can just slip it in your pocket, and there you have an emergency food with you. It is very unnoticeable when inside your pocket so sometimes, I would sneak, and eat it while in class.

M.Y. San Sky Flakes is better than other crackers because it is plain and could go with any filling you wish to spread on. You could choose from any of your favorite spread or fillings like cheese, butter, jam, chocolate, etc. All will go perfectly with M.Y. San Sky Flakes, I’m sure! Also, its plain flavor could go with any drink, like soft drinks, milk, chocolate drink, juice, and most of the time, matched with coffee. But, a lot of people really would prefer it plain because it is perfect on its own.

M.Y. San Sky Flakes is crispy, not so brittle, it smells good, and has a unique taste. The perfect saltiness is what people love the most. It is very easy to chew so it is recommendable for the young and the old M.Y. San Sky Flakes is also for the plain lovers, or diabetic because it is low on sugar. There are times though when I eat M.Y. San Sky Flakes, and I am parched, or I don’t have enough water, it makes me even more parched. so I do not recommend eating M.Y. San Sky Flakes if you do not have water or any drink with you.

M.Y. San Sky Flakes and fruits is a good combination for a diet plan. Additionally, M.Y. San Sky Flakes can be eaten for some who are suffering from tummy aches, LBM, etc. You could buy a single pack of M.Y. San Sky Flakes in any sari-sari store, and 10’s pack in supermarkets nationwide.

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