It seems like celebrities are not contented just appearing on our TV screens but they also want to get as much gig as they can. Katy Perry, Paris Hilton and a lot of celebrities have been designing and formulating their own signature scents/perfumes, and it’s also common here in the Philippines. One of the highly endorsed brand, Bench had its endorsers design and create their own perfumes carrying the celebrity’s name.

I got this Love Spell as a gift from my hubby. Very sweet, yes? Okay, so the box actually comes in black and pink color, almost similar to the pink of Victoria’s Secret. It’s good size bottle, and the bottle is made of glass. It’s not the usual plastic bottle, which I like because it somehow gives it the impression of being expensive.

The bottle is dome-shaped at the back and it works for me because it sits perfectly at the palm of my hand when I hold to spray it. I will describe the bottle’s design as playful and classy. Playful because it goes with a small, cute black bow, which can by the way be taken off if it goes on the way while spraying because it has an elastic attached to it. The actuator which is the one you press to spray the liquid out of the bottle is also firm. And the amount of perfume that goes out of the bottle is enough for each limb. Classy because the appearance of the bottle is very classy. Black label, white font – -absolutely classic.

When it comes to the scent, well i’m not to savvy about whether it’s musk, wood, floral or whichever. I just don’t like the ones that are too strong and anything that’s vanilla scent. This scent, I would describe as something sweet and light. It lasts a long while, especially if sprayed on certain parts of the body like the nape and on the chest. It’s the best scent you can wear for the office, or at school. Or if you want to feel playful while strolling at the mall for a quick date or movie.

It’s not offensive, and it can be worn by any woman of any age. Although I noticed that the smell of this perfume is almost similar to the VS Bombshell, it’s just that the one from VS is better. It’s also affordable, it’s under Php 500 which is I think much cheaper than most perfumes or body spray in the market.

I recommend this to everyone, and in fact I’m almost done with my first bottle. Two thumbs up for me here.

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  1. Are you sure it’s Love Spell, ma’am? I only know Love Affair kasi and it’s one of my staple scents talaga. Ang fresh lang kasi, and it smells similar sa Bombshell though mine is in the body polish form.
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