Meet your posh everyday powder foundation (at an affordable price!)

One’s foundation, whether powder or liquid, is one of the key elements of every girl’s kikay kit. If there’s something you absolutely have to get right, it’s your foundation. From the name itself, it’s the base that the rest of your makeup would depend upon. It has to be exactly (or at least almost exactly) the same shade as your skin. That said, you also have to take into careful consideration not only your color but also your skin type. Do you have oily, dry or a mixed skin type?

That’s the thing about make-up. It’s not about following the latest trend or going for whatever the beauty magazines tell you to buy. It’s about finding the right fit for your own skin.

So meet L’Oreal’s True Match make-up line.

The good thing about it? It comes in 33 shades, and it’s good for all skin types!! You will surely find your true match indeed. Check out all the available colors here. I have a mixed type of skin, having oily parts across my forehead and chin but dry spots around my nose. Therefore, it has always been hard to find the right kind of foundation. Most of the ones I used in the past were either too dewy or too cakey.

Finding this foundation then was a miracle of sorts for me especially since it’s also on sale in the Robinson’s Ermita Department Store last June!

Honestly, I was about to buy one of their matte powders which are actually good if you have oily skin. It’s flat and flawless. However, upon application on the sides of my nose, my dry patches popped out. It wasn’t a good sign. It’s a good thing that the saleslady told me about this product. It glides smoothly across the oily parts of my face and gently covers up my dry patches, evening out my skin tone.

In summary,

Texture: 5/5

Color: 5/5

Lasting Power: 3.5/5

Breakouts? None.

I picked out sun beige (W6) shade. I then went walking around the humid streets of Manila after application of this foundation. Upon getting home, I find that my foundation held steadily in place. Albeit not perfect. But it was good enough for me. Maybe a little retouch in the middle of the day wouldn’t hurt if you want it to last longer. It’s also oil-free, so no acne breakouts here.

I was perfectly satisfied with my buy for only Php 500. I think this one’s going to stick with me for a good while. Whatever your skin type or skin color, I suggest getting the perfect shade, your true match, ASAP!

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