Most people would have eaten lollipops and cakes for countless times in their lives. That’s not really something new. But, how about a lollipop and cake in one? Now, that’s not something most of us have tried!

Lollicakes are basically cakes in the form of a lollipop. I first learned about lollicakes when it was being promoted by my favorite PBA player (now retired), Mr. Jimmy Alapag, on his Twitter account. His wife, actress LJ Moreno-Alapag, has a business called The Lollicake Factory. Ever since I’ve learned about it from that time, I’ve always wanted to try eating it. I saw several photos of their products on Instagram and the lollicakes are such eye-candies!

It took me quite long to have a taste of the lollicakes from The Lollicake Factory because their only shop by then was in Pasig City. I am from the south and even though I’ve been to Pasig City for a few times, I couldn’t come to drop by the shop because I was not familiar with its location. Then, a few months ago, Mr. Jimmy Alapag posted on his Instagram account that The Lollicake Factory will be having stalls in some malls which includes Festival Supermall in Muntinlupa City. I was really glad and I got excited because that mall is just less than an hour away from my place. I usually go there!

When I saw the stall of The Lollicake Factory at Festival Supermall during one of my visits, I was really delighted! There were many flavors of lollicakes on display, and to add to that, there’s a big photo of my favorite PBA player displayed there! What a plus for me! It was really hard to choose which lollicakes to get, but I settled for the Butter Cream and Red Velvet lollicakes. I’m not sure if all branches of The Lollicake Factory offer the same price for their lollicakes, but in their Festival Supermall stall, their selling price is ₱50 each.

I first ate the Butter Cream flavored lollicake. It was okay, but even though the lollicake isn’t really big, somehow, it was hard to consume everything. I guess it was too sweet for me. I think kids would love this flavor though. Then, I tried the Red Velvet flavored lollicake. Well, who doesn’t like the red velvet flavor? I usually go for it when I eat cupcakes! This Red Velvet lollicake didn’t disappoint. It’s so good and I recommend it! It wasn’t too sweet unlike the Butter Cream lollicake, and I think it can please most palates! I wouldn’t mind eating more of it if only I had bought more!

I can’t wait for my next Festival Supermall visit! I would love to taste more lollicake flavors from The Lollicake Factory!

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