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    1. Hello po. Mahirap po talaga ang buhay ngayon. Kahit saan tingnan it’s very challenging. Reach out po kayo sa mga numbers na nakalagay sa page na ‘to. Makakatulong po sila bigyan kayo ng payo kung ano ang dapat gawin.

    1. Hello po. Mahirap po talaga ang buhay ngayon lalo na we’re still recovering from the pandemic. Try nyo po to reach out to your family and closest friends at pag usapan nyo po ang nararamdaman nyo.

    2. Choose to stay alive. Giving up on life is not a solution. Forgive yourself kung mayroon mang gumugulo sa isip mo. Dont be hard on yourself.

  1. It’s been like years where I feel so suffocated, and as the year goes by things get worst. I know death is not an answer and it is not right. But I can’t stop myself. every night I have to sleep seeing myself hanging or even as I look at sharp things, it feels like I am being magnetized. I don’t know but I really don’t understand these things. It is so easy for me to cover everything but when I am alone I have this suffering. but when I am surrounded I feel like I am going crazy. It’s hard for me to conclude if I am having depression since I did not consult any psych, but I wonder will I be able to know the answer when I reach my own grave?

    1. Hello and am sorry to hear these things that you have to go through. I know reaching out for a professional help can be daunting at times but going for a consult from a mental health professional is like going to a medical doctor for a treatment. Reach out to people you’re comfortable with, people you knew would not judge you. Seek out help because sometimes, people surrounding us might be too busy tending in their own lives.