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MaribelParanaque09175866265Looking for on call caregiver8/8/2022 12:10:29
Camille VizcarraLas Pinas09567920977I am in need of a caregiver who can work the night shift for my 75 year old mother in-law living in Las Pinas. She recently had an operation on her lumbar spine. She still has difficulty sitting & walking that's why she has a walker. She also needs someone who can also cook food for her & her husband (my 76 y.o father in-law who is a stroke survivor). Depending on the caregiver's performance, she may be considered for stay-in.7/25/2022 22:25:44
Gwen GalinatoDahlia, Fairview, Quezon City09664890226Patient is hard of hearing with severe dementia.7/23/2022 22:06:03
Arsenio or IdaFairview, QC09171030636Patient is 93 yrs old and has Alzheimer's. She needs help to get up from bed but she is still able to walk using a rolling walker. She needs help and supervision with meals and medication. We need somebody who has a lot of patience dealing with a very old person suffering from Alzheimer's.7/7/2022 10:09:45
Alexeyask me09054117227full time job7/2/2022 14:31:03
Kay VirreySt. Joseph, Rosario Pasig09562891092Patient was hit by a car. His brain function has been affected and needs help in self management/care6/22/2022 22:07:26
Everlasting SiglosDiliman Quezon City09916899264Bedridden, Stroke, diabetes, specially sana marunong po mag dukot ng popo kase hindi na po sya nakakatae mag isa.6/7/2022 15:13:15
Marissa T. CadizLas Pinas City09189139879patient has Bullous Pemphigoid5/24/2022 13:33:50
Kristoffer GeronimoLa Loma, Quezon City09951490159My mom has Parkinson’s and sometimes is immobile so she’ll need help to stand and walk. A live in care taker is ideal; but am willing to work with your schedule4/25/2022 12:37:43
MichelleCainta Rizal09208191996The patient suffered from stroke and bedridden. Willing to work for 12 hours/not stay in. Preferably male. Duties- assess medical needs, toileting, dressing up, ensuring the patient is exercising, eating and taking medication in a timely manner and knows how to put catheter.4/1/2022 21:19:06
Danielle Dela CruzCavite City, Cavite09776165008The patient cannot walk4/1/2022 14:54:30
Marian CabansagMakati City09272745005Patient is 86 yo male, 60kg with dementia. Needs: peg feeding, diaper change. Night Shift3/27/2022 9:21:09
Crisanta CunananBacoor Cavite09302277821Handle old stroke patient
Cooking food for patient
Grooming patient
Medication schedule for patient
3/19/2022 7:55:54
Mia MakabentaQuezon City09989902145My father has cancer and recently had a stroke. He just needs to be fed regularly and given his medicines on time otherwise he doesn't call for help during the day.3/10/2022 19:55:35
Alyssa ManualBinangonan, Rizal09756131010Patient has cerebral palsy and bedridden, cannot move and talk too. We need someone to take care of him 24/7, stay-in.3/3/2022 16:47:06
Ben SyParañaque09274106702Cancer patient3/2/2022 22:19:29
Lani LucidoBodoni St., Paranaque09495756011The patient cant stand ON His own has hypertension2/5/2022 8:41:06
PercyQuezon City09998782019looking for female caregiver, stay-in, may go home every 6mos (this is dependent on covid situation), with rest day once a week but will stay in patient's house too. 8 hour duty only, 18k per month, free 3 meals per day. patient is able to walk and has no tubes.1/31/2022 14:59:07
Jaimie Lou OlidanQuezon City09778107305Stay in please for health purposes1/24/2022 15:33:07
Angela VillanuevaB.F. HOMES09178741020Expert in taking care of patients with advance parkinsons1/23/2022 23:54:22
Val OrdonezTarlac City09063194736We only need a part time care giver.1/19/2022 13:41:43
PleshOrtigas Pasig09175612180Stay-in. 24 hrs job1/11/2022 0:36:07
Rowela Ruth AlbaPasig City, Metro Manila09564723987Patient had a stroke causing paralyzed legs. She was confined at the hospital and need part time caregiver to attend to her needs even for one week. Job is ASAP1/7/2022 9:34:35
Shan MeiCity of Manila, Metro Manila09958543163@Binondo. We are looking for a patient, caring, and willing caretaker for our grandpa1/4/2022 20:14:48
Eleanor BasitCalatagan, Batangas09081907030She has Dementia, we need someone who is compassionate and loving and knows how to handle senior demented person.1/3/2022 14:55:02

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  1. Hi Im looking for patient with experience in caregiving and hospital experience……Live in Laspiñas

  2. Hi everyone,If you need a full-time caregiver,,with complete credentials and years of experiences, please contact 09993273533,, fully vaccinated na din Po..
    Have a safe healthy life to all of us🙏

  3. Hi everyone,If you need a full-time caregiver,,with complete credentials and years of experiences, please contact 09993273533,, fully vaccinated na din Po..
    Have a safe healthy life to all of us🙏

  4. Greetings!
    Anyone looking for a caregiver?
    I have complete documents and I have experienced taking care of the elderly.
    I’m From Taguig City.
    I can be stay in/stay out- -12hrs duty.
    You can reach me out
    +63 945 158 3228
    Thankyou 🙂

    Be safe !

  5. I’m looking for a job ,taking care an elderly, administer medication, behavior issues,bathing,changing diaper, prepared food..I used to be a Yaya as well I also attaineded a safety how to taking care a baby and even adults,knows CPR
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- cratosslot