If you’re a person who likes to play pranks or just want to disperse a group of noisy people, then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s actually an easy way to do that without getting into a fight. Enter Liquid Ass Spray Fart Prank.

This thing is a bomb! Yes, giving a small dose guarantees everybody on their toes running in every direction.

The smell is so foul it’s like a thousand poo or rotten eggs all inside a small bottle. When I smelled it the first time, i feel like I need to puke. This thing is obnoxious — a perfect prank indeed.

I remembered watching a video in YouTube about it sprayed inside an elevator. The smell lingers on for minutes and only a few people actually dared to get inside and ride. Clearly they did not enjoy the treat but that was fun to watch.

Beware though that there are a ton of fake products out there that look the same. I bought one for 250.00 and waited for a week only to receive a product that smells like garlic. This Ass Spray is genuine and works as promised.

This product is not for everyone. Who would spend 800.00 pesos for a stinky ass spray? But being scammed by a fake product before, I felt that I need to share that this one works and this is a genuine product worth your money.