Lily’s is an established brand when it comes peanut butters. With the perfect recipe, they have lasted for years and have even ventured in the export business. Because of the quality and the increasingly popular brand, their products have demanded a price increase. Nevertheless, Lily’s peanut butter has always been a household favorite.

For over 60 years, they have retained their product quality and their name. Now, they are innovating a lot more and introducing new products in the market. Growing up, Lily’s has been one of my constant snack companions. With just plain bread, you can enjoy it with Lily’s peanut butter and have a whole new experience. You have to mix the butter oil thoroughly to make sure you get the right amount of consistency. Spread it on your bread and voila, a perfect snack packed with nutritional benefits. This is actually a better option than just providing your kid junk foods.

However, as I grew older, peanut butter is no longer that appealing to my taste buds. I resorted to different kinds of spreads from Cheez Whiz to Nutella and other jams. But, lately, my father took home something interesting from their grocery shopping. I did not really notice it at first because it was this small container and the first thing I read was “peanut butter”. That immediately lowered my interest in it. My sister started munching on the new found spread as she tells me it was a chocolate peanut butter. I am not at all interested because I have tried other brands that also offer the said flavor. They did not taste good at all. But, I was so hungry I decided to try it.

I did not expect that much from my first bite but I was surprised. It was really delicious. With just the right amount of chocolate, I can enjoy my bread and feel a little bit of Nutella in there. The texture was a little bit unusual then I realized that it was the common peanut butter consistency. As I had my second, third bite, I finally get the peanut butter taste. This spread is so yummy. Compared to the initial products that were introduced to us with the “Chocolate Peanut Butter” flavor claim, Lily’s has stood up to its nameworth and provided another quality product that Filipinos would love. Trusting the classic brand is always a good choice.

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