After the incident when mom forgot to extinguish her prayer candle and practically left it burning for 12 hours unattended, I immersed myself looking for a much more safer alternative. Honestly, I was worried just thinking about it because as we all know, unattended candles were usually the culprit of house fires.

As a Shopee fan as I am, it didn’t take long to find this battery operated flameless candle. I saw a bunch of designs but I settled on this one as it resembles a swinging candle fire, and melted wax in the sides.

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The 7 days of waiting is worth it except for 1 nuisance which I’m going to share towards the end of this review post. 

First off, I like the strong LED light. It has an orange tint that reflects brightly on to the swinging plastic “flame” giving it a more realistic feel. The candle body has a nice girth, neither too thin nor too thick, just like the real candles that I buy. At the bottom, there’s also an on and off switch for convenience. 

My only gripe is that it uses LR44 cell batteries similar to those being used in wrist watches. I was kind of expecting it to use AAA batteries but nope that’s why I was a bit disappointed. Cell-type batteries are also not as readily available as AAA batteries – I just can’t buy them in my suking tindahan. And so, I’m back in Shopee again looking for cell batteries and ended up buying a bunch of them to save me from delivery fees and horrendous waiting time. 

Overall, my mom loves it and I’m at peace knowing that even if she forgets to turn it off, nothing bad will happen.

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