Affiliate program in its simplest form means that you’re helping someone sell their products and services and you get a commission for each successful conversion or sale. Huge eCommerce websites like Amazon run their own affiliate programs, and here in the Philippines we have Lazada and Shopee.

I’ve been a Lazada affiliate for quite a while now but never really had the time to focus on it until this year. Now, this review is not to teach you how to do an affiliate marketing, but just an impression of how their people deal with small affiliates like me.

To start off, they are really on time when it comes to sending bulk emails about their upcoming promos and events. They want us to know this ahead of time because they want us to feature these products on our websites. Well, kudos to that.

The only problem is that when I emailed them every day for 2 weeks, it took them more than a month to reply. To add insult to the injury, the “affiliate manager” told me that my email address was tagged as a [spam] email. I’m not using a free email service. I’m using my website’s main email address. That was the first and only reply I got from them. All succeeding emails were simply ignored.

I did try to email them using my @gmail just to test it out, but the result was essentially the same — crickets. Not a single “affiliate manager” bothered to answer my email. I even tried to reach them in Skype, because, guess what, their Skype username is on their newsletter! Again, crickets.

Out of desperation, I also chatted with one of their support staff that handles product sales and after sales. But I can always tell that they themselves were clueless about their own affiliate program.

It’s just unfortunate that these people don’t really care on small affiliates like me and can’t be bothered to answer emails back. Affiliate marketing takes time, money and effort to execute, and it’s sad that they’ve become yet another unresponsive online company.

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