Women including myself nowadays take care of ourselves more than ever. From the clothes we wear to our make up down to every inch of our body. And be it summer or just a regular day, there’s nothing better than feeling clean. And feeling clean does not only come with cleaning our body but also getting rid of unwanted hair. By unwanted hair, I mean parts of the body which can become unsightly from the legs down to the private parts and that’s all that LayBare Offers… and they do it with all professionalism and care.

So I have personally tried all the DIY ways to get rid of my unwanted hair. I tried plucking shaving, skin removal creams even DIY wax but I just can’t get the results I want. Most of it also cause my skin to darken, especially my underarm area (which I think is a common case if you pluck or shave). I also don’t like the way my skin itches a few days after I shave or use the hair removing cream. The DIY wax kits also just doesn’t seem to work for me, so when I passed by LayBare SM Southmall, I just thought of giving it a try. This was my first time to go to a waxing salon, and it was a nice experience for me.

Upon entering, I asked how much does it cost for underarm waxing and it was P170, average price I thought. The next thing they had me do was to sign my name on their logbook and answer a questionnaire which basically asks for information like whether you’re having your monthly period at the time of your visit or if you are using any kind of topical meds, and a few more things which later I found out that this is for their clients benefit. They don’t let you go thru a session if you are having your monthly period or just had it because it will cause your skin to darken and potentially cause chicken skin.

I didn’t have to wait for long for my turn, maybe it was because the mall just opened. And I didn’t mind waiting anyway as I found the place really cozy, though the place was not as roomy as I would like it to be. The staff wore their uniforms and were wearing face masks, which I thought is sanitary. So when I was laying there and getting my wax, the lady who assisted me was very assuring and friendly. She gave me tips on how to whiten the underarms and how long do I need before my next wax session.

Overall, my first wax session on a wax salon was pretty nice, and I can’t wait to go back and get a few more parts of my body waxed. Two thumbs up!

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