For some of you who didn’t know, secretly I have this big appetite. My metabolism is fast that is why I easily get hungry and I always eat. May it be a small bite or a big craving, you will see me eating from time to time. Way back when I was still working in Manila, every payout I always make sure I reward myself by splurging on a food trip.

I love to discover new places and seeing new sets of menu. By the time I got back in Cebu, I asked my mom what’s new and the first thing I heard from her, the first thing that comes out of her mouth was Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant. Aside from the fact that it’s just minutes away from where I live, she said people are talking about it like crazy. Okay, maybe it was just exaggerating.

So, I told my mom why not celebrate my 25th birthday there. She agreed with me and my birthday came. I invited my in-laws to celebrate together with my family. By the time we got there, the place was quite far especially if you’re from the city. The relaxing seaside view welcomed us and a crew greeted us at the entrance. You have to pass by a little bridge in order for you to get to the main hall. The crew and staff were very accommodating. They have at least one crew per table to further assist you.

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When they gave the menu, I hurriedly opened it because I was quite in a tight budget knowing it was my treat but surprisingly, when I saw the price list, I was shocked. The foods were affordable and just exactly what I needed. They serve seafood, meat and vegetables, lots of options to choose from. The foods taste good and tempting, dieters will have a difficult time keeping their diet.

My favorite was their Tinolang Halaan, Baked Scallops and Tahong, and Lechon Kawali plus they have rice platter for the big appetite or those who come in groups. They also have their own four-season juice with a twist – Cordova Cooler. If you’ve grown tired of dining out in city restos, why not try Lantaw for a change. The ambiance is great, the staff is accommodating, the foods are satiating, and the price — affordable! They serve native cuisine and they apply “the reduce, reuse, recycle” theme because their jars and glasses were made from recycled mayonnaise jars. Such a brilliant and ingenious idea.

The place is jam-packed with crowd especially at night, so if you guys plan to go there by night I suggest you should make reservations unless if you are willing to wait for the long queue. So for all the foodies out there, this is a must place to dine in. And this coming payout, I might go back there because their Baked Scallops and Tahong are to die for but this time, I might head out to their new branch in Busay. Looking forward to see the breathtaking view of the city of Cebu.

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