With the emergence of the Korean cultural wave or the Hallyu wave here in the Philippines, who won’t be intrigued by a restaurant endorsed by none other than one of Korea’s most sought actors, Lee Min-Ho? He is the current official endorser of the Korean fried chicken restaurant KyoChon which started its service back in 1991. And yes, the Korean food chain has now reached the Philippines.

I don’t really follow any Korean acts, but I’m always open to new restaurants to eat at, regardless of what cuisine do they offer. And, I actually love fried chicken so I thought I would really love to try this one! I have heard about this restaurant on television, and since I’m often at SM Megamall with my boyfriend, we decided to eat at KyoChon.

First, I would like to commend the crew for their very warm greeting. They were very generous from when you arrived in front of the restaurant until you finish your meal and leave the place. They will serve your orders with a smile, at least that’s what they did for us. It was a pretty busy hour when we got there because it’s dinner time, but still the crew were smiling to guests and I think they really deserve a praise.

The place is dressed in a modern wood interior. It’s very trendy and sophisticated at the same time. There is a huge screen projector playing KPOP videos which I guess will be entertaining for KPOP lovers or those who are eyeing good-looking Korean artists. However, it wouldn’t hurt people who are not interested in KPOP either, it can buy you some time while you wait for your orders.

We ordered their original medium-sized drumstick plate which has 4 pieces of drumsticks. The drumsticks were smaller than what I imagined but since it’s quite cost effective at Php 290.00, I guess it’s pretty much fine. The taste of their drumstick was genuine. It really tastes good. I guess we have to order a bigger serving next time! It lived up to my expectations. Almost 25 years of existence for this fried chicken food chain is no joke. The fried chicken lover that I am was satisfied!

KyoChon is not just for people who loves fried chicken or people who are into the Korean wave. I think both children and adults will love the fried chicken they can only eat here. I would attest to KyoChon’s tagline, it’s really chicken like you never had before! If you would like to eat at KyoChon, it is located at Upper Ground Level, SM Megamall Building B, Mandaluyong City.


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