My day officially starts with a cup of coffee. It serves as my energy booster and perks me up. But, inasmuch as I would like to drink beyond a cup, I have a sensitive stomach to keep an eye on. So when I chanced upon Kopiko’s Low Acid Coffee (LA Coffee, as marketed officially and referred to subsequently) in one of the malls, I decided to have a go at it.

LA Coffee tastes wonderful, like a marriage between Kopiko’s brown and original coffee variants. It is sweet without being sugary and strong without overpowering your senses. I like the aroma of roasted beans that LA Coffee gives off. Somehow, it makes true the belief that a food or anything can be healthy without stripping off its taste and flavor.

Indeed, I’ve always warned myself not to drink coffee without eating anything as it leaves off that “hollow” feeling in my stomach or makes that “rumbling/churning” noise. I did not have that sensation during and after drinking LA Coffee. I also did not feel acids building slowly inside me. The “bloated” feeling that I usually have when drinking coffee is less pronounced this time, leaving me with enough appetite to enjoy my breakfast.

What’s more, LA Coffee enables me to relish a healthy and good mix of coffee that retails for PhP 6.00. Owing to its highly concentrated form, I’m able to drink two cups of delicious coffee in the mornings and afternoons, with just a single sachet.

In my three weeks of using it, Kopiko’s LA Coffee stands true to its name and promise. I appreciate that beverages like LA Coffee are made so that people like me can still enjoy drinking good old coffee that is beneficial to the body. I just feel lighter when I drink it.

I also like how Kopiko’s LA Coffee goes well with Kopiko’s Brown Coffee, another favorite of mine. I can drink the former in the morning and the latter in the afternoon. For all its richness, goodness, and cost-effectiveness, LA Coffee is probably one of the best things that happened to coffee-lovers like me.

Image courtesy: flickr / tumblr

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  1. Pls dont pull out the La Coffe Aroma …i like the new …BUT MY FAV IS OLD ONE…PLSSSS TH COfFe IS NOT CELLPHONE TO MAKE A NEW SERies…..Thanks a lot…I’m your loyal customer….

  2. I haven’t tried Kopiko yet but it sounds like a good coffee for me. I work on graveyard shifts and coffee has been a life-saver since day one. My personal fav is Nescafe 3N1 because it has all the stuff in it.
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