After hearing a few good reviews about Kojic Acid soap here and there, my curiosity for this cheap skincare soap peaked. Apart from having lightening effects on your skin, apparently it can also help clear up blemishes and acne scars. I am fair-skinned but my acne problems were persistent. Being desperate for clearer skin-and an easy sucker for all things made in Japan- I decided to purchase one for myself. I chose the Kojie San brand and the set of two small bars cost me around 50 pesos.

There wasn’t a pamphlet or instructions for usage included, so I chose to take the lead from the many other reviews that I’ve read online. Based from the general consensus, one should use the Kojic Acid soap like any normal facial wash save for a few things. First, let the soap lather stay on your face for a few minutes. Second, apply facial lotion after since Kojic Acid has a drying effect. Third, avoid stepping out into the sun and if possible, wear sunscreen since Kojic Acid renders your skin sensitive to sunlight.

After about a week of using Kojic Acid soap with the following the above regimen, the results seemed promising. My skin certainly felt tighter and I noticed that the acne scars and redness seemed to be lightening up. It was exciting to think that I might have found the solution to my skin problems. But then, after a week of continued use, things went downhill. I have combination skin, so what happened was the oily parts of my face broke out, while the dry regions became even drier. It was an incredibly uncomfortable and ugly experience; I ditched the soap immediately after.

However, call me stubborn, but I wasn’t completely done with the Kojic Acid soap. I decided to give this product another chance after letting my face recover first. This time, I would use it with more moderation. It’s indeed a drying soap, so I made a few adjustments to the regimen. First, I used it every other day as opposed to an everyday wash. Also, I took care to NOT let the lather stay on too long on my face. I definitely slowed things a bit, but it seemed to have paid off. After a month, my skin cleared up but this time I didn’t encounter any break-outs or abnormal dryness.

Up to this day, I still use this modified regimen for the Kojic Acid soap, and so far it has been effective for my skin acne. The improvement is slow and while my blemishes have not completely gone, the results have been significant enough.

For the folks out there who want an affordable alternative for clearer skin, you might want to try Kojic Acid soap. It’s cheap enough to warrant a trial, just keep in mind to use it with moderation especially if you have combination skin like mine.

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