Kettle Korn has always been part of our daily family bonding during weekends. I have to admit, ever since the start of Kettle Korn’s existence in the Philippines, I know I was first in line in buying this product (just an exaggeration). Because I love Pop corns, a ready-made pop corn is a big turn on! I had tasted all the varieties and this one I will about to share is the Sweet and Salty flavor.

Packaging & Taste: Kettle Korn Popcorn Sweet and Salty is in the red pack. When I opened it, I was amazed that I have big pops inside. The pop is covered with a light caramel and the taste is like a sweet corn indeed. It left me craving for more! I think a pack is not enough. A person who no longer has teeth can still enjoy this because biting it will not hurt them.

Packs & Sizes: It is also available in resealable packs. The advantage of buying Kettle Korn this way is that it can keep the crunchiness of the pops. It really did. The one that I bought is not in a resealable pack, but it’s okay because I was able to finish it in less than 20 minutes! When it comes to sizes, you can choose from big or small packs. I prefer big packs because it feels like I am starving whenever I am eating popcorn. I cannot stop eating it!

Price & Availability: Since Mercury Drugstore is very near to us, it is really convenient to buy Kettle Korn anytime. You can also see many outlets of Kettle Korn at the mall. The small pack costs P 50.00 while the big one costs P 98.00.

For Everyone: I am pretty satisfied with the taste because it is something that will turn your bad day to a good one. It gives me some relaxation and youthful happiness in and out of me. It has been a year of eating this and yet at present, this is still what my family requests me to bring home.

Kettle Korn did a good job in creating a snack that we can truly enjoy and loved. As of now, when it comes to ready-made pops, it must be from Kettle Korn.

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