After months of passing by Kebabers in Eastwood, I finally decided to give it a try but went to their SM North branch instead, with my big-bellied brother.

Kebabers SM North is located at the Sky Garden area going to Cyberzone. It is a small space with the counter and kitchen separate from the dining area. Although I find this set-up odd, I appreciated it after realizing that at at least the smoke and fumes from the kitchen area won’t affect dining customers. Customers won’t have to worry about smelling like grilled meat after having their lunch. Plus their dining area is really cool and clean.

Kebabers menu is pretty simple. It’s either rice meal with at least 3 different choices, or shawarma with 5 variants. My brother ordered the 3pc. Beef Kebab meal (Php 99) while I got the Keema Shawarma (Php 89). It’s very rare that I eat out with my brother for less than Php 400 but surprisingly after chowing down his food, he was so satisfied and didn’t order anything else.

Kebabers’ shawarma is interesting. They made it crunchier by adding potato crisps that look like Picnic crisps. It was well- presented wrapped in shawarma paper, sealed with the Kebabers’ icon sticker. Compared to other stores, Kebabers’ shawarma is so stuffed until the very bottom. The meat and vegetables are of proportionate amount. I was expecting to eat plain dough in my last few bites but it definitely didn’t happen.

Although Kebabers is really A+ when it comes to value for money, there are still downsides that we noticed. Their sauces come in small round plastic saucers and you can refill them yourself if you already run out. My brother and I were only given one to share so we had to keep going out to refill our small saucer. It would have been better if they put a set condiments bottle per table or at least have a condiments station inside the dining area. Also, I think their staff was a bit lost that day. There were only 4 other customers aside from us whom I think arrived at least 5 minutes before us but we all had to wait for quite a long time. We all got our food 15 minutes after my brother and I ordered. For a fast food restaurant that’s not really fast and then they switched the orders of the other customers. Those are big minus points!

Overall I would still give Kebabers a passing score. Nowadays more and more people are looking for affordable food options and Kebabers is exactly that! If you’re tired of eating the usual burger and fries combo, you should definitely visit Kebabers.

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