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List of Suicide Prevention Hotlines in the Philippines

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  1. I have not been myself lately. I feel so tired doing my schoolwork, and my parents don’t seem to trust me. I’m tired of hearing hurtful words from them that make me think that they are better without me. They told me that I should have had to stop my studies. Just right now I want to delete myself from this world because I think I serve no purpose. I am opening this up on this page because my name is not visible on it. But if it is not, then i would have to keep this to myself.

    1. Hello. I totally feel your situation right now. Having suffered the same fate in my teen years. But trust me, it gets better in time. What you need to do is to be have a strong will and determination that someday, you’ll find a good job, become successful and build a happy family.

      Giving up is not an option. Learn from your situation right now and use it to become a strong person. If you can face this problem, you’ll be able to face all the problems the world will throw into you.

  2. I have been depressed for awhile since i was to go hiking and exercise. I thought i can better myself benefiting from self help. A year after facing this pandemic i had been having episodes bad ones, such screaming like tantrum child, breaking things, alcohol consumption uncontrollably, i stay in my bed dont wanna go out etc. I have had many suicidal thoughts. Im my mid 40’s, i feel so hopeless, despair, depressed and anxiety running off the roof.

    1. I know the feeling. I too was in that situation years ago when my business failed, had to let go all of my employees and debts that I don’t know how to pay. You need someone to talk to, friends or family perhaps. If there’s none, try reaching out the numbers posted above. Even a 30-second talk can make a huge difference.