I was planning for my daughter’s birthday party and as soon as I learned that Jollibee has Hello Kitty as one of their party themes, and not to mention the fact that my daughter loves them both (Hello kitty and Jollibee), I did not hesitate to book a party with them.

I started booking by going to their website at www.jollibeeparty.com. It is user-friendly and detailed at the same. In three simple steps, you can actually book a party. First step is to pick a store, a date and a time slot. Next is to select a party theme and a food package. Aside from Hello Kitty, they also have other themes like Barbie, Jollitown, My Best Friend Jollibee, and Batman. You can also order party-themed souvenirs so you will not have to contact a supplier for those. For the food, you can choose among the different packages for a minimum of 30 persons, or you can create your own package depending on your budget. You can also opt to add a party-themed cake by Red Ribbon with the celebrant’s details. Finally, you just need to confirm and pay using your credit card.

The party itself went well. The host and the other crews were accommodating. The program was well facilitated. There were fun games for both kids and adults. Mascot Jollibee’s appearance highlighted the event and got all the kids dancing. Foods were distributed properly and accurately by the crews who were also very quick in serving the additional orders. Most importantly, the party itself focused on the birthday celebrant, who apparently felt special that moment.

Though the online booking and the party went well, there were some inconsistencies and differences in the standard procedures and rules. When you book online, you would see that some stores allow booking only at least a week before the event, while others allow a day before. Some slots have an interval of one hour, while others only have thirty minutes, like in Jollibee Shangri-La Edsa, where we held our daughter’s birthday party.

For a party that lasts for only two hours, and based on our experience, thirty minutes is not enough time to clean up from the last party and prepare for the next. In our case, it was already time for the our party to start but the crews were still not yet done cleaning and preparing so we had to wait. Also, it would have been better if they had a waiting area for the guests instead of having them wait and stand at the dining area which was not even big enough to accommodate them.

But overall, I was happy with this Jollibee Kids Party experience. I was satisfied knowing that the guests, the kids, especially my daughter, had real fun. And I would definitely recommend it to my fellow parents especially those who do not have much time to book a party in person yet want to have a jolly and unforgettable birthday blast for their kids.

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    1. Hi Len,

      It was held at Jollibee Shangri-La Plaza branch. The host was awesome. He was very accommodating and enthusiastic. The crews who served the food did their job well, too.

  1. it is truly fun and satisfying, i have experience it personally because my nieces celebrated their birthdays there. you can see the facial expression of their guest and my niece, they were more happier when jollibee dance and gave the celebrant a gift. i’ll recommend it also to every one who wants to have fun and satisfying birthday with their child 🙂

    1. hi Krys! It is truly fun, isn’t it? I am glad you had a good experience with Jollibee Kids party, too. Yes, Jollibee’s dance number is one of the most awaited and enjoyed part in the party and every kid wants to touch and hug Jollibee and would not want to let him go.