Nostalgia struck me whenever I remember my childhood… The innocence and the easiness of life while you’re a child is priceless. Other than the people that you were with growing up, I bet all of you will agree of getting puffed all over by baby powder. For me it was a great feeling whenever my mom calls me and will bathe me with powder especially when I’m starting to sweat because of all the playing and running around with the other kids.

That feeling that I missed kept me in using baby powder, or at least have one around. So came summer time and I realized that I’ve ran out of powder. I have been using a lot of powder than usual due to the amazing summer heat we got here in the Philippines. I made sure I bought powder the next time I went to get groceries. It was a little hard for me to choose which one to buy, there are lots of variants and brands. Then I saw this green-colored powder. I had to grab and read what it is, and it was this Johnson’s Honeysuckle. I had to admit what caught my attention was it’s color — it is my favorite and second was the word ‘honeysuckle’. It was weird I just thought that it sounded really nicely and maybe also smells nice. So I decided to buy this, though I was not able to test how it smelled as it was sealed.

When it was time for me to use it, I was really happy because it smelled really nice. It was not the typical powdery smell that you get from common baby powder. It’s a fruity smell, smelled like honey suckle. Though kidding aside, it really smelled great. I don’t use baby powder on my face when I am supposed to go out for the office or something but I use this while I’m home and chilling. I puff it over my chest or on my back especially when it’s starting to get warm. I also make sure to puff this before I step out of the house whenever I have to run errands. I just find that I sweat a lot less whenever I use this. And maybe it’s just me but I just feel that it leaves this very soothing and very calming feeling.

I also ask my partner to use it. He sweats a lot and this actually helped reduce the sweating and the smell does not intimidate him because it’s not the powder scent that we’re used to.

So I absolutely recommend this for both the adults and for their kids. I just love it and I always make sure I never run out of it.

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