It was last summer when my family and I went to Jed’s Island Resort in Bulacan. As expected, there were lots of people there since it’s midst of April. It was more than an hour drive from our house in Quezon City. Do you want to know what I liked about the trip?

First, entrance fee is cheap. Most of us were adults so we paid P150 per head. If you want to have night swimming, entrance fee will be P180. Besides the reasonable rate, photo-op was great. We were able to capture lots of nice pictures since there were life-size figures and nature-inspired backgrounds. I guess there were hundreds of life-size figures in there. My favorite was Captain America and the rest of his superhero friends. There were live bands too, which we were not able to watch closely since our cottage was a bit far from the stage.

The best part for me was swimming at the wave pool. Though it’s an artificial wave, that was the highlight of our trip. My brothers were able to use their mini surf boards even if we didn’t swim at the beach. Lastly, the environment at Jed’s was refreshing and such a nice escape from the city. It’s a huge place and there were parts of it waiting to be explored, given that there were already many people there.

Parking your car is very easy. They were accommodating when it comes to parking of their customer’s vehicles. It doesn’t matter if you bring with you a family car or a rented jeep. You’ll have your own parking space there.┬áThere were escorts right before you enter the facility. We were guided with two pretty ladies so getting inside didn’t take long. The girls will also ask what type of cottage you will rent out.

Now let’s go to a few cons of Jed’s. I must say the entrance fee could also be a disadvantage. Since it’s “pang-masa”, we didn’t have a choice but to jive along with the big crowd. That’s unless you rent a personal room there, which is expensive for a one-day trip. One thing I noticed was the pools were very limited. I enjoyed the wave pool and nothing more. Some other pools look interesting but they were for private use. The remaining ones were already crowded.

In case you want to buy food there, there are plenty of food stalls inside, but there’s nothing special with the snacks they offer. There’s a mini 7-11 inside and other food stalls you can also see at the food court in malls.

So far, I could only see three disadvantage of our trip there. To end this review, I’ll give three out of five star rating for this resort. Over all, it was a nice experience because I went there with my loved ones.

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  1. Tanong lng ..bat d naka show mga rooms…at till wat tym pg overnight ang mga pool at wat tym check in check out ng night swimming..

  2. Tanong lng ..bat d naka show mga rooms…at till wat tym pg overnight ang mga pool at wat tym check in check out ng night swimming..
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