I hate to admit that though I am still in my mid-twenties, aches and pains sometimes get me. Having suffered from migraine, I always made sure I have something with menthol to soothe the pains and get rid of the occasional nausea. That is how I discovered Jade Cranes Menthol Stick. Pretty much solved my needs- I used to lug around bottles of green liniment that would stain my clothes and leave a greasy film on my papers. Now I just have a pocket-size stick that I could carry around like I would do a lip balm.

The good thing about Jade Cranes Menthol Stick is, besides going on clear when applied; it does not have a common liniment-ish smell. It even smells like a particular brand of candy, fresh and minty. I find it great since I don’t have to camouflage its smell with perfume because it is pleasant to the nose.

No worries about smelling “old” and spilling liniment especially when commuting. I love that the package allows me to take it out anytime, anywhere because it looks like just a lip balm; it is inconspicuous enough to use anywhere. Another plus: it lasts a long, long time.

Just a little dab will get a long way in treating insect bites, tiny cuts, even toothache; and if you’re raring to get a whole body massage using the stick, you will be surprised at its potency-a few rubs is all you need, with its uplifting at the same time soothing effects lasting for a long time.

The price, when compared to other liniments, is a bit higher, but for me the convenience and the effect outweigh the additional pesos you have to shell out for this product. Just a few things to watch out about this product- dropping can shatter the precious menthol stick to pieces. The coolness also gets really intense when you are sweating, but eventually mellows down into pleasurable tingling effect. Nevertheless, the aforementioned reasons make Jade Crane a cut above the rest.

Would I recommend Jade Cranes Menthol Stick to everyone? Certainly! Remember that there are so many products on the market, and finding one that really suits you is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s a great product for a good price and most especially, it delivers.

It made me so glad to have found this product, and I am sure it would also do others good too. Jade Cranes Menthol Stick is readily available in most pharmacies in two sizes (small and large) for your choosing.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Jade Cranes Menthol Stick for all your aches and pains, available in small and large sizes at most pharmacies

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