Noticed my nose could use a little cleaning, so I headed to the nearest convenience store to find something useful and I found this iWhite Nose Pack sachet. Paid P26.00 (but I am not so sure although I can guarantee it is not more than P30.00). Headed out the convenience store and went straight home, my nose was ready for an adventure.

On my clean face, I applied a generous amount of this creamy nose pack solution all over my nose, waited 20 minutes or until it was totally dry before i peeled it off. While waiting for the nose pack to dry, I read and found out that this product is actually formulated with Panax Ginseng root extract, which helps slow the aging process of our skin; Mulberry root extract, which is an ingredient packed with antioxidants that is very helpful to our body; aloe vera leaf extract, which helps prevent wrinkles and smoothens skin; and vitamins’ A, C, and E and we all know this is not just good for our body but also for our skin.

Made me excited to see the results as the words on the packaging gave me high hopes with all these ingredient description meaning this will do good on my skin and it actually did. I noticed the skin around my nose felt smoother after using this product. I also noticed that it helped minimize the appearance of my pores. I believe the only downside of this product is its texture, which is a little too creamy for me, making it a bit hard to manage the product on your nose but other than it is a great product and I recommend it because I will definitely use it again as it did a great job on my nose. For those interested to know, this one sachet lasted me a week since I do clean my nose pores about two to three times a week.

So, if you are disgusted by whiteheads and blackheads like me but on a budget, I believe this is a great product to try and not to mention it is also very easy to get a hold of like I said I got mine at a convenience store and I am pretty sure it is available in most groceries and supermarkets.

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