I’m always fascinated with ebikes. In fact, I have a Compton Foldable eBike I bought from CDR-King 4 years ago. Just this year, I bought another ebike — the iMortor Conversion Kit. What I really like about this ebike, is the fact that I can attach this on any bike because it’s just a wheel with a built-in motor and battery attach to it.

This is perfect for me since I already own a mountain bike, and don’t have to buy a new one. All I did was remove the front wheel on my existing bike, and then replace it with iMortor wheel. It’s an exact fit,  since I bought the conversion kit fitted for bikes using V brake. The other version is for those front wheels that use disk brakes. 

In the manual, it says that I can use the battery between 10 and 15 kilometers range, but in my experience, it can hardly support 8 kilometers straight without pedaling. I think what happened here, is that there are really a lot of factors that affect my range. For example, I maybe too heavy, the temperature too hot, there were lots of traffic stops, the angle of elevation, and of course, the weight of the bike. 

Nonetheless, assisted pedaling gets me around 13-14 kilometers on a single charge. By the time I reach my destination, the battery is too depleted, which is never a good thing for Lithium-Ion batteries. Depleting Lithium-Ion batteries would, undoubtedly, shorten their service time. I do have a plan to buy another battery pack, but I still have to save 6,500 pesos to get one from Aliexpress. 

I’ve been using this for almost a month now, and I can say I’m very much satisfied with this purchase. I most appreciate it during run stop run and small hills. When you’re into biking, small hills can really sweat you a lot and drain your energy.

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3 years ago

How much? Location

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