If you are into selling, crafts or printing cute and funny stickers, chances are you need a good vinyl sticker paper. Well, after trying a few brands, I made a conclusion that i-Tech Matte Vinyl Sticker paper is one of the best ones out there.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but neither National Bookstore or Expression stores carry the i-Tech brand. And so my only option is to buy it from Lazada. It costs 270.00 pesos and 108.00 pesos delivery fee for 20 pcs A4 sheets @ 18.00 pesos a piece. It’s a bit expensive compared to the local stickers but the difference of the finished print outs is just hard to ignore.

First off, I use a dye-based ink printer, which means smearing and smudging is real, which means a drop of water will ruin everything. With i-Tech vinyl sticker, smudging is still there but the inks dry so fast that if I touch it, it will not smear on the paper. I’ve tried it with other stickers, and even after a few hours of drying, the black prints still smudge all over the place. I’m not saying that even if I pour water into the prints it won’t smudge. I’m just saying that unlike other stickers, it dries fast and won’t smudge or blot with a dry hand.

Next, it’s a hardy sticker and by that I mean it won’t tear apart just easily. This happens to me all the time especially when I’m sticking it into glass surfaces and the sticker doesn’t align perfectly. Some stickers will not go beyond first pass, and they just tear apart if you try to remove them.

My products do not usually get wet but if they do, I could just use a photo top to make it splash proof. Photo top is like a transparent sheet that will cover the stickers to protect them from accidental splashes. I’ve heard many times on YouTube that even people who are using pigment-based ink printers that are supposedly waterproof still use photo top application to make it even more splash proof.

The verdict? Well, I’m definitely recommending this product if you’re serious about sticker printing.

i-Tech Matte Vinyl Sticker Review - Webbline

You can't go wrong with i-Tech products. One of the best vinyl sticker papers I've used and continue to use until this day.

Product Brand: i-Tech

Product Currency: PHP

Product Price: 270.00

Product In-Stock: InStock

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