Nowadays, I only use conditioner for my hair. Someone told me that too much use of shampoo can cause the brittleness and dryness of your hair—somehow, it did to me. Though I know, as well, that beyond use of conditioner can cause hair damages. Well, it is a matter of balance (as if we can find balance).

I have used almost all branded conditioners, but none seem to fulfill its mission—to revitalize the hair. My godmother has noticed the breaks of my hair, one day, and recommended to me the Natural Conditioners of Human Nature.

I swear, when I first heard of the brand, I sang the song. Though my godmother was dead-serious, so I looked it up on the internet since I have not heard about the brand yet. I was surprised to find out that Human Nature has a range of product from hair cares down to feet needs, not only conditioners. The business even promises that every product they produced are 100% harmful-chemicals and animal cruelty free. I was engrossed with the whole idea so I told my sister about it and, fortunately, Human Nature has a kiosk in a mall near the working place of my sister. From a lot of selections in conditioner section, she decided to go for a one 200mL bottle of Human Nature’s Soothing Aloe Natural Conditioner (Strengthening) the following day for testing.

Together with its flavor Soothing Aloe, the Natural Conditioner is generally for Strengthening of [falling and brittle] hair. I checked the ingredients first to make sure it mostly contains natural components and it does! Usually, extracts of oils coming from different plants and flowers. I opened the lid and the strong yet calming scent of Aloe greeted me. It was refreshing.

I squeezed a small amount on my palm and applied it to my hair. I can assure you the whole space of my bathroom smelled like Aloe! The Natural Conditioner felt thick and creamy; I had fun massaging my scalp with the product.

The instructions told me to leave the conditioner in, at least, two minutes, but since I am an impatient person and I do not totally believe in leaving hair agents in your hair for that long, I immediately rinsed the Natural Conditioner after thirty seconds of applying it. And I was honestly surprised to find my hair very manageable and silky after rinsing it!

I dried my hair with a towel before trying to blow-dry it (maximum heat). Unlike other conditioners, the aftermath of usage made my hair so soft and moist; it was not dry or even brittle, at all! That was a very rare outcome whenever I use a conditioner.

I am truly sold by the fact that Human Nature only uses natural components for their products, especially in conditioners. When we finished the 200mL bottle, my sister bought the 500mL one with no any hesitations. Without deceptions, the Human Nature’s Soothing Aloe Natural Conditioner (Strengthening) fulfills its goal, works best alone—without any hair creams or gels— and has done miracles in my hair that no any branded conditioners have ever done!

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