What are your criteria in choosing disposable diapers for your little one? Most moms would say Absorbency, Comfort and Budget friendly. I have those on my list too!

I have tried several disposable diapers before I settled for Huggies Dry. I was kind of satisfied with another brand already when I noticed that my baby always gets diaper rash. And when I talked to his pedia about it, she advised that I use a different brand of diapers. So I scouted the supermarket for something else and decided to give Huggies a try.

What I Love About Huggies

Absorbency. Huggies does live up to its promise of dryness. Although my son still leaks in the middle of the night, it takes up to 5 hours before I wake up feeling cold due to a wet bed. To give you an idea, my son likes to sleep on his stomach so the front part of his diaper gets filled up faster. And before going to bed, he finishes up to three 8-Oz bottles of milk. So, the 5 hours of him lying on his stomach is already pretty long. With Huggies, I could also sleep in a bit more thinking that I do not have to change him right away.

Comfort. Huggies has a cloth like cover which makes it comfortable. Other diapers that I’ve used have plastic-like covering that does not allow the skin to breathe. And since I used Huggies Dry, my baby has not suffered from a lot of diaper rash (only when he has a bad case of diarrhea). This has been a big relief for me because seeing my baby in pain from the rashes makes my heart sink. (There was even a time I had to take him to the emergency room because his cries sounded like he was in REAL pain)

Budget-friendly.  With the benefits that I have mentioned above, you will really get what you pay for. The best thing is, Huggies is not really expensive. It actually is less expensive than some of the known brands most people buy. I buy a big pack of 38’s for Php 296.00 so that’s only about 7.85 pesos per piece! And the ones that I find usually comes with free 4 pieces of diapers with it.

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  1. I’m a kind of mom that so meticulous in everything for my daughter.i’ve used several diaper brands from cheap to expensive just to try for my baby sensitive skin then i found out huggies in my favorite store so i tried it and i noticed it was really good and affordable.