Tired of the taste of your instant pancit canton? Do you want something new or something better? It is about time to level up and try Ho-Mi Instant Pancit Canton!

I did not know about Ho-Mi Instant Pancit Canton until one of my tutees took some with her as her snack when she paid a visit to our house one time. She said her younger sisters and brothers like it too. I tasted it and got captivated. So I decided to buy some. I introduced it to my family and guess what? Ho-mi is their favorite pancit canton now.

I like Ho-Mi Instant Pancit Canton because it has a better taste than others. It is not salty. It is not oily. It does not have an after-taste. It does not taste like “instant.” And when you follow its cooking instructions correctly, its noodles will not sag. They are soft but not squashy. Unlike other brands, even if you follow their cooking labels, their noodles will still become saggy and too soft.

Another thing I like about Ho-Mi Instant Pancit Canton is it has many flavors to choose from. It comes in toyomansi, chili, chicken barbecue and of course classic. I especially like its chicken barbecue flavor because it is something that other brands do not have. I can taste real chicken barbecue with it. Its spices make me forget that I am just eating an instant pancit canton. Its toyomansi flavor, on the other hand, has a perfect blend of soy sauce and calamansi. Its chili flavor is not too spicy and does not cause an intolerable burning feeling in the mouth or on the tongue. Its classic flavor is not salty and is like another version of toyomansi.

Ho-Mi Instant Pancit Canton is very affordable. It only costs 7 Php. I prefer it to other brands of instant pancit canton because its taste, noodles, spices and flavors are better. I am not fond of eating instant noodles or pancit canton but Ho-Mi is an exception. It is one of my usual breakfast meals now. I like putting it in my bread or pandesal. I think I just found a good alternative to sandwich spread.

Ho-Mi Instant Pancit Canton is something that everyone should try. It can be your breakfast, afternoon snack, midnight snack or something to munch on when you feel hungry.

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