How to avail of Social Security Disability Benefits. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit your nearest SSS office and approach the guard on duty to inquire about the location of the sickness/disability office. In case they inquire about the purpose of your visit, kindly inform them that it is confidential.
  2. Get a priority number and wait for your turn. Once called, present the required documents. As of the current guidelines, the following documents are necessary:
    • Confirmatory result
    • Medical certificate from your hub or a treatment center
    • SSS ID and two valid IDs
    • Certificate of employment (if currently employed). Additionally, there is a form that your employer needs to sign. If you are hesitant about disclosing your HIV status to your employer, you can provide information about another illness instead of HIV
    • SSS contributions for a minimum of three years (if employed)
    • One 1×1 photo and two 2×2 photos

Remember, all documents must be original, and you should bring three photocopies of each document. These copies will be required for various purposes, such as applying for an ATM card (if you don’t already have one), DSWD Assistance, and PWD ID.

If you intend to open a bank account, choose either EastWest or RCBC as they are the recommended banks for this purpose.

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