Hard Drive space has always been my problem since I’m the type who can go on downloading files up to 15 to 20 gigabytes during days when I’m not busy. Unfortunately, my notebook computer can only accommodate around 500 gigabytes of files.

When my notebook computer’s hard drive was nearing low memory, I knew I had to do something or else I can’t download files anymore. The files I download are very important to me since I used them to catch up with my interests, so not being able to download them will be very inconvenient. I started looking for an external hard drive in the Internet. I’m not one of the richest persons around so I was really looking for an inexpensive one, but of course, it has to be reliable. My previous external hard drive was such a let-down when it died on me, lasting for just less than a year.

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I found a discounted Hitachi Touro 1TB External Hard Drive at Lazada (lazada.com.ph), which is an online shopping service. In its description on the website, it says that this hard drive has 1TB storage capacity, 1TB storage capacity, 5400RPM, fast USB 3.0 Interface, USB 2.0 compatible, and is preformatted for PCs, and easily reformatted for Macs.

I look at the reviews which previous buyers have left and they were all glad about the product they purchased so I finally decided to get Hitachi Touro 1TB External Hard Drive. I placed my order through their website, and after 3 working days it was delivered to my house. I chose the payment option Cash on Delivery, so I just waited until the deliveryman arrived at my doorstep with my parcel and then I handed him my payment in cash. What’s good about Lazada is when your order exceeds ₱1000 in price, then the delivery is free already. Since the product I was buying was around ₱2000-₱3000, I didn’t have to pay for the shipping fee.

By far, I’m really impressed with Hitachi Touro 1TB External Hard Drive’s performance. It has 931 gigabytes usable space, transfer speed is amazingly fast, and both USB 2.0 and 3.0 drives are working properly (my notebook computer have both 2.0 and 3.0 hubs). I didn’t have to reformat it since I’m not using a Mac computer. It’s also admirable that it is very light in weight, making it convenient to bring anywhere. I’ve been using it for less than a year but it hasn’t decrease its quality performance unlike the previous one I had. And to add to that, this portable hard drive even comes with a free cloud storage from Hitachi Touro’s cloud service.

I’m planning to buy another external hard drive because I need more space again. I guess I’ll go for one more Hitachi Touro 1TB External Hard Drive since I’ve already witness how impressive it is!

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