Heat and excessive sweating irritates my scalp. This is probably the main reason why I hate summer. Because of the irritation, I end up having dandruff. Of course, it would be very unpleasant to have white flakes all over your shoulders every time you scratch your head. I’ve had my own fair share of problematic experiences because of dandruff.That’s why I opted to find a solution once and for all.

An advertisement on the TV show that Head & Shoulders help rejuvenate your scalp and prevents dandruff. So, I gave it a try. I chose the Cool Menthol variant,or as I refer to it now, Head&Shoulders Green. The first time I used it, I thought it was just an ordinary shampoo. While I was rinsing my hair, however, I felt the difference. The shampoo leaves a very cool sensation in your scalp. This was the first time it happened to me, and I felt very relieved. As I have mentioned, summer irritates my scalp. The cooling sensation left by Head&Shoulders Green really helped me manage my itchy scalp.

The sensation lasts for about two hours. I sure hope it can last the whole day, but its better to have something than nothing. So, I kept on using this variant. Using this shampoo for the first few weeks helped me manage the summer heat effectively. And as the days go by, I noticed that my dandruff is completely gone. I thought it was because I am not scratching my head anymore. But, as I continue using Head & Shoulders Green, I became dandruff-free. Wow! I never thought advertisements can this be for real.

Right now, I am still an avid fan of the Cool Menthol variant of Head & Shoulders and use it every day. For only PhP 5.00 in local stores or PhP 4.00 in grocery stores, Head & Shoulders Green is the cheaper alternative to other hefty dandruff solutions. I used to apply Selsun Blue to my scalp when my dandruff gets out of hand but the price is not really that budget-friendly. Also, I was not getting the cooling sensation that I’ve come to love.

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