Are you looking for a cellular phone that is exclusively made for texting and calling and can suit your meager budget? Well, I know one proudly Philippine-made mobile phone which is cheap yet of good quality. It is called Happy Mobile.

One good thing about Happy Mobile is it is very affordable. It has three budget phones to choose from: Benny, Hit and Icon. My brother bought his Happy Mobile last month for only Php 650. It is a small phone with big features such as rear camera, FM radio and easy TV. You do not need to save for a few months just to buy this cellphone. Anyone can buy it for as low as Php 650 or as high as Php 1,200 depending on the model. I think it has newly released models that are touch-screen and cost a little higher.

What I like about Happy Mobile is it is actually a TV phone. Imagine I can watch my favorite TV program even inside a jeepney or tricycle where there is no internet connection.  I will never get bored with it. I can watch any channel anytime and anywhere. I find it amazing how my fellow passengers get amused whenever I pull its small antenna out and start looking for channels.

What my brother likes about Happy Mobile is he can store mp3 songs on it without slowing down its system. It has a memory card too. He also likes its clear reception. It does not get choppy when someone calls.

Another thing I like about Happy Mobile is its durability. It is perfect for me especially that I am clumsy and careless at times. My bro has accidentally dropped his phone on the floor for several times and it still works perfectly.

I also like Happy Mobile’s user-friendly keypad. Unlike others, it is easy to operate. Its keys are not too small to press and look at.

Aside from easy TV, Happy Mobile has games too, namely, tetris and snake which are so entertaining and challenging. You do not need to have an expensive smart phone just to have fun.  A simple mobile phone is more than enough to relieve your boredom.

I think the only feature of Happy Mobile that needs improvement is its camera quality. The pictures are okay but not very clear. Nevertheless, Happy Mobile is the best budget TV phone anyone can have!

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