Since Milk Teas have become a trend since 2013, there are a lot of different franchises that had sprung up. Then, suddenly, drinking milk tea is just like ordering in Starbucks. It is a bit expensive for an average joe. I have tried a lot of milk teas, from Moonleaf to Gong Cha and many more. There is an undeniable refreshing feeling whenever I’d have these teas. Aside from the fact that it is a combo of milk and tea, there is less caffeine than when I’d order something from Starbucks or Figaro.

Even though I’d love to make it a daily habit to drink milk teas (because they are so addicting), the budget is a little bit tight. Then, I dropped by Vinzon’s Place, Corner Taft Avenue and noticed this small stand of Happy Fanshu. Being a milk tea fanatic, I was encouraged to try out this one. The price range is just about half of what I was used to pay. The regulars are just about Php 50 for the small size. Just add Php 10 and upgrade it to large. Obviously, I chose the large version. They have their own specialties and add-ons.

To venture on the safe flavor, I ordered the Wintermelon Milk Tea. The add-ons would cost you just about Php 5 each. There is a variety of options from pearls, pudding to white beard. Pearls and White Beard is a delicious combination. It did not take them that long to prepare my milk tea. After having the first taste, I was not disappointed. It was just as good as what I have been ordering before. This was a lot of surprise for me because it is cheaper.

I became a huge fan. I came back for more. You also have an option to chose whether you are going to mix tea in it or not, like ordering Wintermelon Milk instead of Wintermelon Milk Tea. If you are a coffee lover, you can still enjoy the burst of caffeine in Happy Fanshu. They do have drinks like the Black Latte, covered in White Beard. Other fun options to try out are Straberry Green Tea, Japan Milk Tea, Green Apple Fruit Milk and Mango Green Tea.

If you are looking for a refreshment in the form of milk teas and you are on a budget, you should try Happy Fanshu. This booming franchise is not to be ignored. They had redefined my palette for the saying, “value for money”.

Image Credit: Happy Fanshu FB Page

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