I own a 6-year old PC that doesn’t have a WIFI or Bluetooth receiver and it’s becoming really annoying to look for the cable every time I want to transfer images or listen to my JBL Charge 3 speaker.

And so this made me realize that I have to own one of these because it’s are not only easy to use but is also extremely cheap. I bought one from a Chinese vendor in Lazada and took me 2 weeks of waiting to get my hands on it. The price is 282.00 pesos excluding the shipping cost of 97.00.

I did look for this at the local stores but that proved to be difficult to find one because most PCs and laptops already have built in. On top of that, either the staff is clueless of what I’m looking for or sell me utterly expensive brands that do the same thing. For me, buying from Lazada is the best option.

Using the Guajave WiFi and BT receiver was a breeze. I’m on Windows 10 OS and there’s absolutely nothing to install to make it work. There’s a couple standard setups to do though, but in less than 2 minutes or so,  I was able to stream down my music wirelessly into my JBL speaker. I also tested the WIFI receiver, but never bothered to test it truly beyond being connected to the router since I use Ethernet cable. Cable is a must for a gamer like me.

In its packaging it says up to 150 mbps, so it’s already pretty fast even if your’re doing video streaming. It’s not going to buffer the video or whatnot. Gaming is different because of the latency, ping, etc. will all affect the experience and wireless connections are notorious for not delivering such speeds.

All in all, I would highly recommend this product over the others. The build is sturdy and unlike the previous one I bought, the one with an antenna that only lasted for a few hours because the USB broke, this one is for keeps.

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