My elderly mom has been using a small keypad Samsung phone for many years now. Even though it’s becoming hard for her to read the phone display because of her waning eyesight, she still tries to use it as much as she can.

With this in mind, I was in the lookout of finding a replacement for this phone. Preferably, something with a huge display and huge buttons. And then I came across this perfect landline wireless GSM SIM-operated phone.

The phone cost less than Php 1,000.00 pesos plus shipping in Shopee. It took Shopee Express more than a week to deliver the package. At one point, I had to contact Shopee’s customer service because it seems that they’ve lost the package. Long story short, they were able to deliver it in one piece.

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What I really like about this phone is that it has everything I was looking for plus a few more features. For example, it has a cool FM radio station even a child can operate it. The same speaker that plays music also serves as a hands-free speaker whenever you feel not wanting to use the handset. Cool right?

And of course, all of the features I’ve come to expect with keyword / features phone is available too. If you feel like reading and sending SMS, setting up a speed dialer or perhaps blocking a phone number – it’s all there. And speaking of phone numbers, the phone itself comes with its own 500-capacity internal phonebook.

Operating the menus is straightforward too. The left, right, up, down and OK buttons come in handy in many situations. Most of the phone’s buttons lit up so it’s easy to use them even in complete darkness. There’s also a select few choices of ring tones I can use, and it even sends an alarm if the phone is in low battery mode!

Mom is happy but not 100% happy yet. Although we’re getting a stable signal with this phone, I think she still misses the old palm-sized Samsung phone. Seriously, this phone has some weight and size, so it’s not easy to carry around for an elderly.

But overall, I think this is a smart purchase and I’m definitely happy to have this in our home.

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