Glamping or glamorous camping is trying to take over the travel industry by storm. It’s quickly becoming competitive in terms of budget accommodation. In fact, there are a lot of beach resorts around the Philippines that are adapting to this trend and are now offering glamping accommodations as an alternative to the traditional tent or room.

This sparked my interest and curiosity which eventually led me and a couple of my travel buddies to check it out at Casa Antonio’s in Playa Calatagan, Batangas. This place is a private residential beach property that offers glamping packages to tourists. A friend highly recommended this venue.

Our overnight package included lunch, dinner, and breakfast along with a tent and mattresses. There were five of us and we all stayed in one big tent. They can set up a tent that can accommodate the number of people in your group. The tent beside us was huge because they had a big group.

The accommodation was comfortable, especially since we were sleeping in a mattress which made a huge difference. I’ve tried camping a couple of times and although I find it fun, my back seems to always complain.

One thing I love about sleeping in a tent is that during night-time, you’ll able to see the stars clearly. We were lucky enough to see so many stars in the sky.

When it comes to amenities, we had free access to the swimming pool. I was really pleased with the pool because it was clean and the layout was really nice since it was designed like a river. Plus, they even have a bar by the pool. The shower rooms were also very clean.

As for the other activities, you can play beach volleyball or just chill and rent a gazebo by the beach. I loved the texture of the sand and the clearness of the water. Overall, I’d give this trip a rate of 8.5 with 10 being the highest. It was a great experience and I am already thinking of going back again soon.

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