Available at all Watsons stores, Glam Works Wax Strips enticed me to purchase for my unwanted hair problem like all women do (especially if you’re Asian like me but with Spanish-American bloodline). By sticking it on my skin, it removed most of the hair by quickly pulling off to the hair’s opposite direction after rubbing each pair together and the one on my skin several times until I felt it warm which marked the wax has melted and has become stickier.

Both enriched with aloe vera extract, it has two packages in different size: Body Wax Strips for legs, arms and bikini line, and Facial Wax strip for face and underarm. Unlike other wax strips like Veet, it’s cheap for it does not exceed PhP 200 even after price change. Now, I don’t have to go to waxing salons like Lay Bare to have my underarms waxed for PhP 150 and my legs for PhP 300 or 500 every after 2-3 weeks or a month. I could easily apply it on myself or ask for assistance if needed. Both packages contain 12 pcs. of strips and 2 pcs. of wax finish wipes.

It’s really practical because it is safe to reapply a body strip many times until it’s effective and less sticky. It certainly removes the hair follicles. Despite thick hair strands and spread, two pairs of wax strips is enough for my lower extremities. I use two strips for my underams but as much as possible I reapply a strip twice only for it will develop irritation and redness on my skin. And then, I use a tweezer to pluck the excess hair.

NEVER shall I ever again stick a strip to my underarm and leave it there for minutes then it pull it off. Its effect? Major redness like some sort of body identity mark or scar. Horrible. It does smell like the common unscented candle wax but I really don’t mind because I’ll have to wipe the wax residues afterwards which is aloe vera scented. The wipes are reusable as well but if you run out, just use baby oil. BUT I highly suggest tea tree oil or sun flower oil cause it lightens skin according to studies.

Costing PhP 99, you might want the Glam Works Hair Removal Soothing Lotion as well for anti-bacterial, exfoliation and easing up the pain with its eucalyptic features like I did. I got this idea from Lay Bare using Gigi hair removal anti-bacterial lotion. It’s really a lot of work and pain. But, hey! No pain, no gain. Right? Beauty is pain. This brand is cheap, effective and safe. So, say Hello to Glam Works Wax Strips and Good bye to unwanted hair!

Image courtesy: makeupandbeauty

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