I found this Glam Permanent Hair Dye Color three weeks ago, bought a pack of it, tried it the very next day and guess what? It did a great job with my hair! Actually I did not expect much from it. I thought it was like the other cheap hair dyes. Well, it proved me wrong and I am going to disclose what I like about this awesome do-it-yourself hair coloring thingy.

I am not really into getting my hair dyed. As a matter of fact, it is my first time to get my hair colored when I came upon this Glam Permanent Hair Dye Color. What attracts me to this hair dye is it is very easy to apply. I do not need extra help from anyone. All I need to do is apply the mixture on my wet hair like a shampoo, leave it for less than half an hour, rinse it well and voila! I have a naturally bright and perfectly colored hair! Unlike other hair dyes, I do not have to use a brush to apply it on my hair which usually takes time. It is like I am just having my regular shampoo.

Another thing I like about Glam is its light scent. It does not have a foul odor like other hair dyes because it is ammonia free. Hence, we do not have to deal with a urine-like smell anymore whenever we get our hair colored.

I also like its non-stingy effect on the scalp. My scalp did not sting or itch during and after the application. Perhaps the only unpleasant thing about Glam is it gives a warm feeling on the hair after several minutes of applying it which you only notice when you touch your hair. I guess it is just the dye penetrating the hair strands and roots.

It has been three weeks now since I applied Glam (light brown) on my hair and the color has not faded yet.  I read that it can last up to two months. My hair did not even get dry. In fact my mom just tried its black variant a few days ago and it instantly concealed her gray hair.

I think Glam Permanent Hair Dye Color is perfect for any type of hair. When you have an oily hair, I suggest that you keep it on your hair longer so the dye will really stick to your hair before rinsing. When you have a lot of gray hair, use a brush to apply it to ensure that your hair is thoroughly treated in and out.

Girls will surely love Glam especially that it is very affordable. It is only worth 49 Php. I bought mine from Watsons. It comes in four hues: light brown, medium brown, burgundy and black. And take note, it has a free pair of disposable gloves! Amazing, ain’t it?

So say goodbye to expensive salon and hair treatment and get your own Glam Permanent Hair Dye Color now!

Glam Permanent Hair Dye Color Review - Webbline

Girls will surely love Glam especially that it is very affordable.

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