Among the popular dilemma of women when it comes to makeup is finding the right foundation. There are a lot of factors to consider: the correct color, the finish, your skincare needs and the consistency whether it be powder, cream or liquid.

The same goes for concealer too. You have to take into consideration what you are trying to conceal and the formula that works best for your needs. For a budding beauty junkie like me, that means I do the trial-and-error method which, besides a bit wasteful in terms of money, can also be time-consuming since you basically have to wait for a certain time for a product to really show results.

Then I chanced upon Colour Collection Skin Care Series Gluta Whitening BB Flawless Foundation. I rarely wear foundation because I work in a place where AC is nothing but a luxurious dream, but I figured out that I needed a concealer to cover up the signs of sleepless nights typing reports and computing grades. I read somewhere that a foundation can also double up as a concealer, so went for the product and used it as one. I was expecting to be disappointed, but ended up the opposite.

The product has a creamy consistency that applying it to my under-eye circles and blemishes is such a breeze. It is easy to blend and also contains SPF 20 which my skin needs since I march out in the sun often. I tried it also as a foundation, and it did a wonderful job in making my skin even-toned. I even wear it alone, without powder, and there is no cakey feel to it. The Glutathione the product contains probably would not hurt either; it made for smoother, whiter, healthier skin that I have been enjoying up to now.

Discovering Colour Collection Skin Care Series Gluta Whitening BB Flawless Foundation made me really satisfied; I bought two of it after finishing my first container. It comes in a Natural shade which I believe will be amazing for medium to fair skin. I recommend it for daily use, since it does not clog the pores, and has the mildest, barely there scent that reminds me subtly of almonds. It has got me covered up, from days when I go with the no make-up look to times when I want to rock as a captivating siren. With one of my beauty dilemmas solved, I can now move on to trying other products that will help me look better and feel healthier, if not drop-dead gorgeous.

Image courtesy: whenthebugbites

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