Fiorgelato is an ice cream stand located in a few places in Dumaguete City. The most popular would be the one located in the first floor of Robinson’s Place. They sell many flavors of Italian ice cream; otherwise known as Gelato. Along with their many flavors, they also have a variety of cup and cone sizes that range from regular sugar cones to giant Belgian cones, small to big cups, and even sundaes.

I believe this brand of ice cream is better than most brands because it sells Italian ice cream – Gelato. Besides the fact that foreign ice cream is much sought after, Gelatos are fuller in taste and has little or no air, which makes it a whole lot more desirable. This soft ice cream can have all kinds of flavors. And in Fiorgelato, I get to choose from about ten unique flavors like Bubblegum (my favorite) and Mint. They even put at least two scoops per cone. What’s more impressive, to me, is that they also serve low fat and no added sugar types of ice cream.

Although, the actuality that it is fuller and richer than most ice cream, makes it more expensive. They also tend to serve it in smaller portions so that they may not meet any shortfalls. And by limiting its service as simple stands, in just a few spots, makes yet another con. But it’s jam-packed, creamy texture, along with its sweet and delectable flavors are triumphant. Fiorgelato’s selection of sugar-free and low fat ice cream very much impressed me. They use sugar-cones instead of simple wafer cones, which are also more popular. And I can even add any topping of my choosing, like nuts and chocolate syrup.

I would definitely recommend my friends and family to choose this over the ordinary, air-filled ice cream. It may be a little more expensive, but at least we won’t get a deficiency on its quality. Other ice creams may serve more but it also has more air and space inside; meaning less ice cream. If you’re a health freak with a sweet tooth and a love for cold desserts like me, then I suggest you go for Fiorgelato’s low-fat and sugar-free Gelato instead of having one of those fatty-laden ice cream.

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