I love eating snacks. This is my favorite meal of the day. Okay, snacking is not considered a meal but it helps to tide you over until you get your next meal. One of the snacks that has become a staple in my grocery list is Gardenia Cinnamon Toast.

A package of Gardenia Cinnamon Toast (130g) costs Php 20.00. There are five pieces inside the bag. These toasts are made from their famous classic, fresh, white gardenia sliced breads. The great thing about this snack is that even though they’ve been toasted, they don’t taste processed. Each cinnamon toast retains its freshness. You can still taste the buttery flavor from the bread. Best of all, the toasts aren’t too sweet; they just have the right amount of sugar. The sprinkled cinnamon is spread out evenly so the flavor is not too overpowering.

These cinnamon toasts can make you feel full. For me, eating two of these is almost equivalent to eating a sandwich. They go best with a cup of hot tea. It brings out the cinnamon flavor of the toasts. What I don’t like too much about these Gardenia Cinnamon toasts is that they are too big, which makes them a bit messy to eat. I usually break them up into fours before I eat them. It’s awkward to bite into one whole toast. Plus, the crumbs just fall everywhere.

Another thing- is once you have opened the plastic, the uneaten pieces of cinnamon toasts that remain in the bag become stale after a few hours. I would have preferred it if they were individually wrapped, since there is no way that I can actually finish five cinnamon toasts in one sitting. What I do is I store the rest inside of a container so they can maintain their crunchiness.

According to its packaging, Gardenia Cinnamon toasts are enriched with vitamins and minerals such as: Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, Calcium, and Iron, which makes this snack a healthy choice. But the reason I love these cinnamon toasts is because they are absolutely delicious, and such a fun and yummy treat to it eat, that if you are in the mood, you can share with your friends.

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  1. Amazing gardenia is the most incomparable to others.. This bread never fails to let me see what I have to see… taste so good and nothing can beat its magic… Awesome flavor to input on it as well…:) for that very reason I always a lot of these online at Goods.ph with their nice quality service that made it possible thank you for sharing your greatness to the Filipino people…