When you’re a mom, your days will just get busier, and some beauty regimens will have to be sacrificed. In order to counter skipping my beauty rituals, I need to make sure that my basic products work as hard as I do. Green Magic Kamatis Soap is one of these hardworking products that are a mainstay in my bathroom, leaving my skin clean and well-pampered.

It started when my mother in law brought home a bar and I used it. My skin was dry that time post-partum, and I was wary of putting lotions because it might cause an allergy to my baby when he comes in contact with me (I was breastfeeding exclusively during that time). Green Magic Kamatis Soap smells like real tomatoes with a fruity undertone, and with its clear ruby-red color, it looked pretty. I lathered it all over and was surprised how sudsy it is. I thought maybe it is difficult to wash off but then, even if it lathered a lot, it was easy to rinse off.

It made for creamy suds that left my skin feeling hydrated, and you know that freshest feeling you get when you’ve just come out of a long bath? Well, that’s what I’ve felt when I came out of the shower. My skin felt supple and I did not have to worry about irritating chemicals because it is 100% organic and has no parabens. Even without lotion my skin did not feel as dry as before. I use it on my face and body. My skin is smooth, clear and less tired. It exfoliates gently, none of the harsh feelings you sometimes get from other soaps (e.g. other kojic-acid based soaps).

It is very economical- it sells for P65 a bar, and I’ve divided mine into quarters- each quarter of a bar lasts me a week. How’s that for big savings! The downsides that I found about this product (actually, these are not downsides for me personally, but as a reviewer I have to consider others too) is that this soap does not agree with astringents.

The information on the box says you have to stop using astringents for three days prior to using this product. Well, I haven’t tried any astringents yet so this is a safe choice for me. Another downside is that it has to be ordered from dealers. Since it is a fairly new product, sometimes it is hard to find dealers in your places. The maker is based in Tagum City so we are fairly lucky that we live in Mindanao so dealers here are quite aplenty and I don’t need to worry if I run out of supply. I myself plan to become a dealer for only P350 so that I can share this wonderful product. Can

I also add that this is 100% Philippine-made product? All that I can say, when you use this, you’re hitting plenty of birds with a single stone. Green Magic Kamatis Soap is definitely a product to recommend. You can also check out their other organic herbal soaps and other skin products at their Facebook page.

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