96 Essensa SpaQuezon CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Amistad Spa & Wellness CenterQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Nuruman Male Nuru MassageMetro ManilaMale, FemaleOut-call
Green Palace Spa (Las Piñas Branch)Las Piñas CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Green Palace Spa (Makati Branch)Makati CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Green Palace Spa (Parañaque Branch)Parañaque CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Japan Spa YamachuMalateMale, FemaleParlor
The MBay Health SpaMetro ManilaMale, FemaleParlor
Solterre Massage SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Halla Massage and SpaAngeles CityMale, FemaleParlor
Ayana Spa (Pasay Branch)Pasay CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Waterleaf Wellness SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Achilles (Lights Of Flower)Marikina CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Hopemed Medical SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Hoja De Laurel SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Jason Spa ReflexologyQuezon CityMaleParlor
Touch of Delight SpaQuezon CityMaleParlor; Out-call
4U SpaMandaluyong CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Mandate Philippines Wellness SpaMetro ManilaMaleOut-call
Albury SpaQuezon CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Wadyong Relaxing Male Spa And Beauty SalonTaguig CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Wadyong Relaxing Male Spa And Beauty Salon (Pasay Branch)Pasay CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Real Extreme TouchSan Juan CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Redlax SpaQuezon CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Onesimus Male SpaQuezon CityMaleOut-call
Verde Royale SpaQuezon CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Garden Massage Spa (Las Pinas Branch)Las Pinas CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Garden Massage Spa (Paranaque Branch)Paranaque CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Absolute Touch SpaMakati CityMale, FemaleParlor; Out-call
Tantra PhilippinesQuezon CityMaleParlor
Hastag City SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Destiny Charm SpaQuezon CityMaleParlor, Out-call
Barricade SpaMandaluyong CityMale, FemaleParlor
Zara Wellness SpaPasig CityMale, FemaleParlor, Out-call
Silver Sky SpaMakati CityMale, FemaleParlor, Out-call
Chocobrown SpaMuntinlupa CityMaleParlor
Rujo SpaMarikina CityMaleParlor
Red Strokes (Pasig Branch)Pasig CityMale, FemaleParlor
Spa HommeMetro ManilaMaleParlor
Revenge SpaMetro ManilaMaleParlor
OTBT Health SpaMakati CityMaleParlor
L&J Kingdom SpaMakati CiyMaleOut-call
Hilom SpaQuezon CityMaleOut-call
Serenity SpaQuezon CityMaleParlor, Out-call
Reign MassageQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Healing Palm Spa (Quezon City Branch)Quezon CityMaleParlor
Azul Spa (Libertad Branch)Mandaluyong CityMale, FemaleParlor, Out-call
Rustic SpaQuezon CityMale, FemaleParlor
Mr Unique Touch Spa ManilaMetro ManilaMaleOut-call
David's Wellness SpaMarikina CityMale, FemaleParlor
Lakan Dula SpaQuezon CityMaleParlor; Out-call
Tranquility Wellness OasisMandaluyong CityMale, FemaleParlor
Relaxante SpaMandaluyong CityMale, FemaleParlor
Body Fix Home MassageMetro ManilaMaleOut-call
Sequence Hub MassageMetro ManilaFemaleOut-call
Urban Refuge Spa & Wellness CenterMandaluyong CityMaleParlor
Epitome Z SpaQuezon CityMaleOut-call

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