Site Updates
We add features, enforce fixes and apply improvements to webbline all the time. This page documents them for historical reference.

16 Nov 2017

  • Improvement: Contextual links enabled in [pfunction=228] to reach articles in ../fora

14 Nov 2017

  • Improvement: ‘Others Near Here’ and ‘Display by Landmark’ now pops up for visibility
  • Improvement: Various fixes
  • Feature: Added [pfunction=229] to display the list of landmark inside a popup

12 Nov 2017

  • Feature: Added [pfunction=228] which reads the rest of the ‘addref’ value for display in ‘Other Details’
  • Fix: Removed WhatsHelp sitewide to improve pageload; HotJar reinstated on select pages

11 Nov 2017

  • Improvement: Now using flexible SSL by Cloudflare
  • Improvement: Masterlist tables now at 50 rows by default to increase loading speed

10 Nov 2017

  • Feature: Added [pfunction=227] which reads the custom field ‘masterid’ to display the masterlist table
  • Improvement: Removed Tablepress’ sticky header to improve display in mobile devices
  • Improvement: Quick survey now enabled in all nursing home pages; responses are saved to the ‘survey’ Google spreadsheet
  • Improvement: Removal of unnecessary texts (e.g. QLinks, QTabs, QInfo) saving space for mobile users
  • Improvement: Fine tuned [pfunction=215] to accommodate more survey calls in the future

08 Nov 2017

  • Feature: Added [pfunction=226] which reads the custom taxonomy ‘addref’ for value assignment
  • Feature: Added [pfunction=194] which displays the phrase ‘How did we get this list?
  • Feature: Added [pfunction=215] which displays the ‘quick survey’ routine
  • Improvement: Spa pages now use ‘addref’ for class assignment (e.g. parlor, home & hotel only, etc.)