Lotions on the market today are quite out of my budget, as a college student I can’t afford to buy a big bottle of expensive lotion with just my allowance, and personally I can live without putting lotion on my skin. However, I discovered a lotion that is very affordable and effective as well.

I’m a wise buyer like my mom. Last month, I was looking for a good facial wash that is also cheap, as I scanned almost every item on the shelf, I saw bottles of lotion that I wasn’t familiar of. It is the Flawlessly U by Extract. It was just 99 pesos; 300ml. I was very surprised, of course; I read everything written on it. It’s a papaya calamansi lotion, with SPF 10. I also considered the product branding and bottle design, it was decent and isn’t cheap-looking. I became more interested, so I bought it.

My skin was quite dry that when I scratch my leg, there were white marks left on my skin. I started using the lotion the next day. It actually smells like most of papaya lotions, but my aunt told me that the fragrance was nice. I applied it every morning after bath, and at every evening before I go to sleep.

After a week of using it, I noticed that my skin became less dry, and I’m not having white scratch marks in my legs anymore. My skin feels smoother and the fragrance stays on my skin for a long time.

I haven’t noticed my skin becoming lighter, but I feel that its SPF 10 protects my skin and prevents it from getting darker; I’m always exposed to the sun because I like to walk rather than to ride a jeep, and I’m too lazy to get my umbrella in the bag.

There are just two downsides I noticed in this lotion. First, it takes time to dry, maybe because its consistency is quite thick. It was inconvenient for me because I don’t like wearing my jeans until the lotion that I applied dried already.

Another thing is that when I wet my skin with water, for instance; the lotion I applied mixes with the water and I can feel it is still there, as if my skin didn’t fully absorb it. Personally, I didn’t like that soapy feeling every time I wet my skin, but I got used to it anyway.

I have been using this product for a month now and it serves me well. I didn’t experience rashes coming out of my skin, so I think there are no harsh chemicals used in this lotion. I like this product, I will buy it again and recommend this to my sisters. It’s inexpensive compared to other popular brands, but the effects of using this lotion are good as well.

Now, I can buy a bottle of lotion with my allowance. I can take extra care of my skin with this very affordable and effective Flawlessly U lotion by Extract.


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