Staying healthy and fit is a serious business for me, and maybe for others as well. It’s very hard to stay healthy and live in the city and keep up with the demands of life. Exercise is never enough, any fitness buff you ask will tell you that for sure and that nutrition is very important. I was watching a health program and one of the nutritionist said that getting lots of fiber is one way to get rid of the toxins in the stomach, it’s as if you took some colon cleanse drink or pill and eventually lead you to losing weight.

I took note of it and made sure I eat food with lots of fiber, but it’s just so hard to keep up. That’s when I searched online for alternatives. I wanted something that I can throw into my bag when I’m out and about, or something I can get and eat that doesn’t require cooking. I found this Fitbar and thought I’ll give it a try. I recall its TV ad and I thought it was lousy, but that was just the commercial. The rice bar itself is delicious especially the fruits variant, though it comes in 3 flavors – fruits, nuts and chocolate. So it’s like rice crispies with some melted chocolate or something that makes it a little sweet.

When I first bought it I was little skeptical because it was so lightweight and I thought I won’t get full by eating just one bar at a time, however when I started to get a bite or two it seemed like it expands whenever it reaches my stomach or something. I felt really full upon finishing a bar of this. Sometimes I eat this while on my way to the gym and I don’t know if it is something psychological but I think it energizes me compared to just having water before my workout.

It claims that it’s got lots of protein and fiber. That’s the best part I like about it. I lessened my meat intake since I’m hypertensive and getting something as alternative like this is a plus. With the fiber, I rely to it more on getting the extra toxins of my body since I have regular bowel movement anyway. My wife also loves it because I just ask her to get me a couple of bars for this that I take with me to the office, which basically reduces the things that she has to do.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting for you to ditch out the food that you’re accustomed to… I’m just saying if you want a snack and wants to get something that is healthy then I do recommend this. Of course you may wanna move a little more as nutrition is 70% of your regimen, the rest is exercise. Overall, this is a very good snack for me and I guess I’m sticking to it for a good while.

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